8 Tools We Use In Our Business (and 2 that we don't)

8 Tools We Use In Our Business (and 2 that we don't)

In the age when a new tool or software solution is launched every other day, it can get overwhelmingly hard to make a decision. Meanwhile, as a business owner, you know that when it comes to running a business, having the right tool for the job can be the difference between success and failure. No pressure, right? We compiled this list of our favorite software recommendations for small businesses to make it a bit easier for you. These are our tried and true tools — we use them in our client's businesses as much as in ours. Remember that while these tools have worked incredibly for us and some of our clients, everyone’s business and preferences differ. Test them out and see if you’ll love them for the same reasons. 

  1. ClickUp – Project Management

Of all of the software I use, ClickUp is the one that transformed my business the most!

We use it for time estimating and tracking, storing SOPs, collaborating on projects and tasks, sending emails to clients from inside ClickUp, whiteboard, creating mind maps, and so much more! 

And if that’s not enough, thanks to ClickUp’s automation tool, our workflow management is out of this world. It gives us a clear view of all of our businesses and every task that each team member is doing. All moving parts come together on this platform and MAKE SENSE. Bringing all of these together using other platforms would have cost us 5x more.

  1. Discord – Communication

In this business, we love saving money. And while some companies use Slack, we went with a free alternative. Meet Discord. This is our go-to tool for communicating internally and with our clients. It tends to be promoted for gamers, but it's much more. Discord is a great free alternative to Slack and offers many of the same features: text, audio, video sharing, group chats, DMs, and community building. It’s a great way to stay in touch with clients, contractors, and team members… without clogging up your email inbox!

  1. Canva – Design

Ok, this tool does not need an introduction. You’ve likely already heard of it. But! If you’re not using Canva for your small business yet – it’s the time! This *free* tool allows you to design everything from social media posts to proposals and project templates. It’s a brilliant resource if you aren’t a graphic designer (and don’t have one on your team). The free version offers so many options too! There is no need to upgrade unless you’re using it regularly and need access to the team feature or a wider variety of graphics and stock images.
While we do have a graphic designer who hates Canva (oh well), it’s a user-friendly option for small business owners who don’t have time to learn a new tool. 

  1. Dubsado – CRM

Dubsado is our administrative team’s best friend. The automation eliminates the frustration of client onboarding and provides a seamless client experience. We use Dubsado to send contracts, invoices, and proposals and support lead generation. It also acts as our scheduler (bye, Calendly!). Before Dubsado, I had to use multiple tools and Zapier to connect all of them. And it still felt like I am missing something along the way. So now we have one portal for it all.

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  1. LastPass – Password Management

LastPass is another software that our team uses religiously! Client security and privacy are crucial in our business. It’s a must for sharing access while keeping passwords private. It’s affordable, safe, and easy to use. 

  1. Quickbooks – Bookkeeping

Obviously, keeping track of your business finances is crucial, but that’s not the only thing QuickBooks does for us. As a business owner, I can’t underestimate the effect that knowing your financial state and numbers can have on your business. We use Quickbooks to keep our finances together and keep track of everything that goes out or comes in. Our income is accounted for when tax season comes around, and all expenses are categorized.

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  1. Zoom – Video Meetings

Zoom is our go-to software for client calls and team meetings. We love Zoom! Our businesses have been online since their inception, so we’ve used video calls since “before it was cool.” Zoom is reliable, user-friendly, and affordable. We use it for weekly team meetings, webinars, recorded coaching sessions, share screens, etc.

  1. Flodesk – Email Marketing

Flodesk is an email marketing gem that allows you to create gorgeous emails easily. It’s a newer software, launched in the last few years, to simplify email marketing for small businesses. Email software is different for everyone. If you prioritize pretty-looking and quickly made emails over retrieving as much data from your subscribers as possible, then Flodesk is for you. We use it for our emails and recommend it to all our clients! 

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Ok, so what are we NOT using? 

Asana or Trello 

We hear people using these platforms, but, to be honest, they simply cannot compete with ClickUp! 


Whichever platform you use, don't use this one. It's outdated, not as user-friendly or beautifully designed as Flodesk, and while it has some more complex functionalities it is way behind from its competitors. If you need a deeper understanding of your analytics or more complicated tagging, this could be a fit for you… it’s just not our thing!